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Our Covid Response

On March 3rd, 2020 the World Health Organization called for countries around the world to increase manufacturing for medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by 40%. A recent survey by IDS international showed that Ghanaian hospitals currently have access to less than 10% of critical PPE needed to protect its medical workforce against COVID-19.

The Ghana Society of Biomedical Engineers (GSBE) is committed to helping Ghana deliver on this goal and close this gap by supporting local capacity building efforts. Over the past few months we created several strategic initiatives in partnership with the University of Ghana and the University of Michigan to develop solutions to enhance local infrastructure and create sustainable PPE supply chains in-country.

GSBE has had several recent successes in our PPE capacity building effort, including recent approval from the Food and Drug Authority to make non-commercial donations of our 3D-printed medical reusable face shields. Additionally, GSBE has partnered with First National Bank Ghana to produce 500 face shields for the Ghanaian Armed Forces. (Hyperlink to the News & Events tab with linked article)

We need your help! GSBE is working closely with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health to identify areas of greatest need for PPE across the country. In order to meet this demand, we are creating a campaign to solicit donations from individuals and organizations in Ghana and internationally. All donations received will go directly toward our goal of creating a sustainable in-country supply chain for medical PPE. Our first priority is to build Ghana’s 3-D printing capacity locally to reduce current import challenges. We will continue to update this page as we work toward our goal.